How it works

1. The Calcutta is a separate side pot from the tournament pot that will consist of 5 different price categories $50, $100, $250, $500, & $1000

2. You have the option to buy your team in any of the 5 different categories or all of them, so for example, if a team wanted to bet across the board in all 5 categories, they would be betting $1900 total, or if a team just wanted to bet in Category 1 $50 they would be betting $50 total.

3. When a team bets in a category they will ONLY be competing against other teams that bet in that category.

4. You can ONLY win in the categories you bet in.

5. Winner for each category will be based on the highest-scoring team among the teams in that category.

6. In the case only one team enters a category a full refund will be made.

7. NWTF scoring system and we will only score the longest strand of the longest beard. Multiple beards will not be scored and multiple spurs on the same leg will not be scored.

8. For every 20 entries in each category a slot will be paid, up to 3 slots (1st, 2nd, 3rd )

9. 85% PAYBACK

POTENTIAL PAYOUTS based on 100 teams

Category 1  $50 -     $4,250 Payout 

Category 2  $100 -   $8,500 Payout 

Category 3  $250 -   $21,250 Payout 

Category 4  $500 -   $42,500 Payout 

Category 5  $1000 - $85,000 Payout 

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